Here are a few ideas for staying active, healthy, and happy!

Disclaimer: Individuals should consult their physician before starting any exercise program to limit risks of injury.

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Here is a sampling of free workouts similar to the classes we offer:

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Also, check out these resources:

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While the Deerpath Golf Course is closed, check out these great resources to keep you on top of your game!

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Our beautiful parks provide a connection to the outdoors and green space as well as opportunities for physical activity which studies demonstrate reduces stress and improves mental health. While our parks remain open, all playground equipment is closed. And please don't forget your Social Distance rules! View all of our parks here.

GO Lake Forest is a movement in partnership with several Lake Forest communities, organizations, and the Lake County Health Department to promote its health initiative, GO Lake County. The goal of GO Lake County and GO Lake Forest is to improve the health of Lake County residents by promoting the simple act of walking as means to improve health. While Go Walks are cancelled for the time being, we encourage you to get outside and walk with your family for 30 minutes per day! Check our GO Lake Forest page for more information on rescheduled GO Walks.