Work Hard - Stay Kind!

This is how our teams run themselves and it rubs off everywhere. All our staff have one thing in common - sailing is our passion. We understand the benefits of sailing, seamanship, and the demands of the process first hand. This allows us to empower others with an understanding and affinity for the sport. Teaching sailing and running the operations in LF Sailing are challenging jobs. We realize our opportunity for impact and show up with intention every day!

Photos: Curt Kalousek (C) 2024

Naomi Jamboretz - Sailing Program Assistant

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Naomi joined Lake Forest Sailing in '23. She is a keen champion of growing the Lake Forest Beach offerings for adults in the community as well as the number one fan of the scholastic race teams. In addition to her passion for sailing she has a wealth of business experience and her skills and enthusiasm have already helped to extend our sailing program and beach offerings to a broader cohort of our community here in Lake Forest. Self-described as someone who likes to roll her sleeves up and put systems in place to get operations running smoothly - she also admits she'd drop everything if she could be out on the water sailing instead.

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We are fortunate at LF Sailing to have returning summer staff and current race team sailors coach the summer programs. Many of the instructors who teach in the Summer Sailing School, are the same sailors competing year-round in youth racing. The athletes breaking ice off their boats to start training in March are the same people teaching the next generation in the summers. Many summer staff complete 4 or more summers with LF Sailing and bring experience, passion, and immense value to our novices. On every program there is an instructor who has been specifically trained through U.S Sailing.