4th of July Weekend

Wed July 1, 2020

In anticipation of a beautiful 4th of July weekend, please be aware that the City continues to practice safe and socially responsible behaviors at our facilities, parks and the lakefront. We are expecting very large crowds at Forest Park Beach for the holiday weekend and would like to remind our patrons that we will be monitoring the number of people on the beach level. We expect that we may reach capacity July 3-5 and ask that you be patient if you are turned away from the gates or the stairs. It would be helpful if families who travel by car to the beach would do so in a single family vehicle if safety allows. This will help to alleviate the burden on the north and upper south parking lots and overflow parking on the ring road.  

Before heading to the lakefront you can check with the lifeguard office to see if the beach is full by calling 847-810-3665.

Please note that the staff is working very hard and doing their best to ensure a safe and healthy experience for all. Be kind…they want nothing more than for everyone to have a fun day at the beach and continually work hard to see that it happens.