The interest for Adult Sailing Lessons has never been higher. We are constantly looking for ways to meet this demand with our resources. Adult sailing is an area where we are prioritizing our energy going forward, as the excitement and opportunity is real.

As we grow our Adult Sailing opportunities, we are starting to provide learn-to-race programming. One of our goals is to have a thriving adult community racing program.

Why should the kids have all the fun?!


  • Following mid-winter training in Florida by some keen Lake Forest Women, this Spring we will form our new Women's Race Team.

  • In the month of May we are hosting a weeklong intensive training on the newly acquired J70 keelboat. The J70 class is soaring in popularity with adults across the nation, as a great boat designed to race. Our ambition is to develop a deep bench of sailors that will go on to compete in regattas across the Midwest and potentially further south in winter. This is the start of what we hope will be a thriving adult community program for Lake Forest.

  • This summer, LFS are delighted to be embarking on a Women's Race Training Program for our newly formed Race Team. Meeting every Friday, we hone sailing skills on Lake Forest's recently acquired J70 keelboat. Coaching will focus on boat handling skills and race tactics. The summer training hopes to cement the learnings from the Spring intensive.