The City's special charter gives it ownership of all public parks and recreation facilities within the City and an obligation to regulate and improve those assets. The Park and Recreation Board serves as an advisory body in regard to the development and operation of recreation programs, playgrounds, the Recreation Center, the Deer Path Golf Course, the beach and all other City-owned park and recreational facilities. The Board also acts as a liaison between the residents and the City Council on all park and recreation matters.

The Board meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at Municipal Services unless otherwise noted on the agenda.

Calendar Agenda & Minutes

Name Address Telephone
Paul Best - Chairman 510 Buena Road 847-735-1148
Rich Adams 460 Exeter Place 847-295-2335
Nancy Duffy 370 Glenwood Road 847-234-1690
Shannon Maguire 101 Sunset Place 847-800-6760
Steve Reimer 1091 Windhaven Court 847-235-1874
Jared Rhoads 1875 Surrey Lane 224-544-5365
Melanie Walsh 140 Park Avenue 312-810-6510
Sally Swarthout - Director of Parks & Recreation 400 Hastings Road 847-323-7353