As a member of the National Dance Education Organization, Lake Forest Dance Academy embraces the Professional Teaching Standards of Dance in the Arts including the mastery of dance content, skills and knowledge in relationship to education and community and the implementation of reflective practice. Our curriculum is based on a creative, conceptual approach which develops the joy and passion of dancing as it connects linguistic, kinesthetic and spatial concepts in the teaching and learning of technical skills and choreography. All full year academy classes participate in our Annual Spring Recital in May.



Our ballet program is a carefully designed curriculum that takes the student from Introductory through intermediate and advanced levels of instruction. All ballet classes are designed to endow the human body with all of the qualities essential to dance: balance, poise, strength, and flexibility. Training in ballet is necessary to improve development in all dance forms. French terminology, alignment, control, and coordination are stressed throughout every level offered. C level classes offered.


Our academy jazz classes blend the technical styles of ballet and modern; while teaching principles of correct placement, line and movement quality in an upbeat, ever moving environment. Jazz dance showcases individual style, and originality, unique movements, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns. Various music styles will be used in our energetic and fun classes. C level classes offered.


Tap dance is an upbeat form of American dance that was influenced greatly by African rhythms and Irish dance styles. It is characterized by using tap shoes and the floor as a percussive instrument. Our tap program focuses on principles of rhythm, musicality, tap history, and performance quality. Instructors have a variety of tap expertise and will lead students in tap technique through traditional and current tap steps and styles. Students will explore the dance and performance aspects of Broadway tap, the musical side of rhythm tap and everything in between.


Modern dance is the exploration of the basic elements of dance: time, space, energy, relationships and the coordination of our bodies. It builds on the student's natural creativity to develop an understanding of the essence of all dance forms. Strong technique, strength, flexibility, and nurturing the love of dance is the goal of our modern dance program. Styles taught include: Martha Graham, Horton, Cunningham, Humphrey-Limon and Release techniques as well as the Arve and GAGA techniques.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance over a short span of time has dominated popular and dance culture through mediums such as music videos, television shows and the internet. Hip hop classes teach the techniques needed to master such movement styles as popping, locking, breakdancing, freestyle and other dance forms associated with the popular music and performance artists of today. Class will consist of a warm-up, technical exercises to increase strength and isolation and choreographed combinations to improve style and performance quality. Intertwined into each class is also an improved knowledge of hip hop history, musicality, body awareness, athleticism and the family values of what is real hip hop culture.


Acro Dance is different from gymnastics! Acro Dance is learned in a dance studio with mats, covering a dance floor, and doesn't use beams, bars, or vaults as part of the training. Acro Dance goals include many of the same skills as gymnastics but skills are interwoven throughout the routine with fluidity, musicality and rhythm, and syncopation. Expression of the music, movement, character, and emotions plays a significant role, as it does with any other style of dance. Levels 1-5 offered.

Lake Forest Dance Academy is a member of the National Dance Education Organization and as such employs and implements the set of standards developed by the organization. These standards provide a continuum of learning and teaching dance for infants through professionals. The Standards for Dance in Early Childhood are based on neurological development, motor development, social development, and cognitive development as well as artistic learning. We base our program for infants through seven years of age on these guidelines of what children should know and be able to do in the arts-making processes of performing, responding to, and interconnecting dance.

We offer the following preschool dance classes. Dancers must meet the age requirement by 9/1.

  • Tiny Tots (age 2 with caregiver)
  • Tippy Toes (age 3)
  • Ballet Tap Combo (ages 4-5)
  • Ballet Tap Combo (ages 5-6)
  • Irish Step Dance ( ages 4-5)
  • Acro Dance (age 4)
  • Acro Dance (ages 5-6)
  • Pre Hip Hop (ages 4-6)

Our Adult program offers classes suited to the beginner wanting to explore the world of movement as well as the experienced dancer wanting to get back into class. Our instructors teach flexible material suited to the needs and abilities of the participants. Everyone can and should dance!

We offer the following adult dance classes:

  • Adult Tap
  • Adult Irish Step Dance
  • Belly Dance
  • Ballet

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