It is our mission to provide a warm, nurturing and stimulating environment designed to promote discovery, creativity, learning and growth in all areas of development in preschool aged children. To share with parents the most current information on child development, so that they may better understand the development and the education of their preschool child.

Kinderhaven Preschool Academy's fundamental values are based on an image of the child as being curious, competent, and capable of co-constructing knowledge. At Kinderhaven Preschool Academy, educators observe, document, interpret children's thinking, representational work, and learning. We then endeavor to understand, support, and extend the children's thinking, theories, and hypotheses in order to give meaning to their experiences.

Using guidelines established by The National Academy of Early Childhood Programs, we will provide an age appropriate preschool program for children, 2 1/2 - 6 years of age, in age specific groupings. Each child will have individual goals established by the team of parent and staff. Parent involvement will be encouraged through active participation in the classroom, monthly parent coffees, chaperoning of field trips, and attendance at the many family events throughout the school year. Hurry to get your registrations in now!

Our philosophy and goals are best represented in our core values. These core values serve as the foundation for our preschool and include the following:

  • Children have experiences that encourage healthy social-emotional development and positive self-concept.
  • Children will develop a positive character, understanding the importance of compassion and respect for others throughout all aspects of their daily activities.
  • Learning experiences are holistic (involving the whole child) and nurturing, challenging and encouraging children to grow in every aspect of their lives.

Children are provided with opportunities to develop fundamental skills that serve as a foundation for future school success, and enhance their desire to learn. Parents are viewed as vital to their child's development and partners in their child's education. Documentation is an integral part of the teaching and learning process. The above core values are seen in every aspect of our Kinderhaven classes and are fostered at each child's developmental level with just enough challenge for him/her to succeed and grow intellectually, skillfully and socially.