GO Lake Forest is a new movement in partnership with several Lake Forest community organizations and the Lake County Health Department to promote its new health initiative, GO Lake County. The goal of GO Lake County and GO Lake Forest is to improve the health of Lake County residents by promoting the simple act of walking as means to improve health. Join us and your neighbors in walking your way to better health!

Go Lake Forest Walks are cancelled for the time being, but we encourage you to get outside and walk with your family for 30 minutes per day!

The City of Lake Forest would like the GO Lake Forest brand to be associated with all activities in Lake Forest that promote being healthy and active. If you have an activity that you would like to be part of GO Lake Forest, please contact Jason Busdeker.

Download the Lake Forest Go app to make your GO Lake Forest experience fun and interesting! Lake Forest Go brings you extensive local knowledge from Lake Forest historians, architects, and residents. As you move around Lake Forest, the app will share stories about the things you pass.