Wildlife Discovery Center Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive - 11.14.21

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: 1401 Middlefork Dr, Lake Forest, IL 60045

Please join us this Sunday for a Canned Food Drive benefiting the Church of the Holy Spirit Food Pantry in Lake Forest!

  • The entrance donation is one can per person and includes an Aldabra tortoise encounter. 

  • The WDC will be open during regular hours, but this Sunday we are asking for a canned food donation for any animal interaction. 

  • Please note: Expired cans are not accepted. We welcome any canned food, except mac and cheese. 

Please bring an additional donation per person to participate in the extra animal encounters listed below:

  • Bearded dragon: 2 cans
  • Small snake: 2 cans
  • Flora the rhinoceros iguana: 3 cans
  • Archie the 3 banded armadillo: 3 cans
  • Large snake: 7 cans
  • Daisy the Burmese python: 10 cans *only available from 1-2 pm

Please contact the WDC with any questions at 247.810.3663