Atlantis Treasure Hunt - 9.05.20

Time: 8:00 AM

Location: All Around Lake Forest

Must register by September 5 to participate.

Atlantis Treasure Hunt is a special event searching for lost treasure around the City of Lake Forest. The six treasures can be found by deciphering six verses in the program given to you. You will need the use of the internet to figure out some of the clues to start. Whoever finds the treasures (a key in a fake rock) first, will bring back the treasure to the Lake Forest Recreation Department to claim their prize.

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes because you will be doing a lot of walking over different terrains (sidewalks, trails, gravel, grass, forests,weeds, and, if it rains, mud and puddles).The treasure hunt needs at least 20 registered participants to officially begin. Once we have the minimum number of participants, the clues will be given out.The joy is in the seeking!

Contact: Ken Pierini

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