sunday, june 2

Cressey Center for the Arts, Lake Forest Academy

1500 West Kennedy Road, Lake Forest

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Join us for a day filled with dance! It will be a day to celebrate students and staff as they share their artistry and dedication in this end of season performance.

Movies in Motion 1: 10 am

Movies in Motion 2: 11:30 am

Movies in Motion 3: 1:30 pm

What show is my dancer in?

Click on the links below for the Show Orders and to find out what show your dancer is in.

Movies in Motion 1: 10 am

Movies in Motion 2: 11:30 am

Movies in Motion 3: 1:30 pm

We are excited to invite you to Lake Forest Dance Academy's 2024 Recital!


  • Recital will be performed at Lake Forest Academy.
  • Ticket allotment is 8 per family per show.
  • Movies in Motion 1 & 2 performances will run approx. 45 minutes each, with no intermission.
  • Movies in Motion 3 will run 2 hours with one intermission.
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Sunday, June 2

Lake Forest Academy

Cressey Center for the Arts
1500 Kennedy Road, Lake Forest

Performance Details:

  • Movies in Motion 1 & 2 dancers check in at the Cressey Center 30 minutes before the show. A teacher will escort dancers to dressing rooms.
  • Movies in Motion 3 dancers check in at the Cressey Center 45 minutes before the show. A teacher will escort dancers to dressing rooms.
  • Dancers should wear their first costumes, hair in a bun and makeup applied.
  • Dancers are to remain in designated areas until the recital is completed. All dancers will participate in the finale.
  • After the performance, all dancers in Shows 1 & 2 will be dismissed from the stage in the theater. All Show 3 dancers will be dismissed from the lobby hallway.

Costume Care

  • Costumes are NOT to be used for dress up until AFTER recital.
  • Label costumes, shoes and accessories with the student's name.
  • Pack accessories in a clear plastic bag labeled with the student's name.
  • Steam all costumes prior to picture day and again before recital.


  • If your dancer's measurements fell on the border of sizes, costumes are sized up to allow for growth and alterations. Costumes can always be made smaller but can rarely be made bigger with alterations.
  • Alterations are the responsibility of the parent and are minor. They can be done at home or most dry cleaners can accommodate.


  • We ask that all dancers with multiple costumes wear a nude colored camisole leotard. A nude colored camisole leotard should be worn under costumes for added privacy during costume changes. This should be worn closest to the skin. Here is a link to a recommendation: nude leotard

Show Orders:

Click on the links below for the Show Orders!

Movies in Motion 1: 10 am

Movies in Motion 2: 11:30 am

Movies in Motion 3: 1:30 pm

  • RECITAL PHOTO DAY: Sun, April 28
  • MANDATORY RECITAL REHEARSALS: May 29-30 view the schedule
  • SPRING RECITAL: Sun, June 2, 2024


  • Photos are taken at the Recreation Center
  • Participation is highly encouraged.
  • Please plan on attending all of your class photos even if you are not ordering prints.
  • Class/Group photos will be taken in Studio 3.
  • Individual photos will be taken in Studio 2 by appointment only. Sign up at the link below. Individual photo times are one appointment time per costume. If you want to take individual photos in multiple costumes, please sign up for times that are non-consecutive so you have time to change.
  • Bring all costume pieces and accessories and label everything with your name.
  • Arrive in plenty of time to fill out order forms.
View the Schedule:

Sign Up for Individual Photo Session:

Order Photos Online:

Download Forms:

Order your recital flowers ahead and pick them up at the theater!

All online orders will be available for pickup on site the day of the event at our booth and the website will accept orders until the day before at midnight.

order flowers

Rehearsals will take place in costume at the Recreation Center on May 29-30.

Rehearsal schedule

Show Tickets

Show Date: june 2

  • Tickets go on sale Wednesday, April 24 at 12:00 pm.
  • Each family is allotted 8 tickets per show.
  • Tickets are $17 each and seating is assigned.
  • Any child under the age of 3 not sitting in a lap will require a ticket.

Friendly Reminders!

  • Dancers must attend rehearsals to perform in the recital.
  • Please arrive at least 45 minutes before the scheduled start time to allow for parking and getting the dancer to their dressing room.
  • Label all costumes, accessories and shoes.
  • Put all belongings in a bag labeled with dancer's name.
  • Dancers are not allowed to wear any jewelry, watches or nail polish.
  • Please do not bring valuables or electronics to any stage, tech, dress rehearsal or performance.
  • Make up should be blush high on cheekbones, red lipstick - Revlon 740 and a small amount of eye shadow and mascara.
  • No photography or videos taken of performances. This is not only distracting to other audience members, but it also distracting to the dancers performing.

We will be offering a media option for video, kudos, and program photo. Information coming soon!